Putting my car stereo plans on hold for a while to generate some funds for another project. Everything is in excellent or like new condition unless noted otherwise. Pictures will follow soon, just thought I'd put this up for those people interested enough to contact me immediately. Don't need anything in trade at this time. All prices include shipping in the continental US (CONUS). All items are also being offered for sale locally in Los Angeles.

Eclipse 7200
Bought from Don (6spdcoupe) a few weeks ago. Absolutely like brand new. Original box, ring, and remote. Never installed by me, but was installed for one day by one of his customers. $300


Bought this pair a few weeks ago off the forum. Haven't hooked up but are in excellent condition and guaranteed to sound that way. Priced per pair. $275
Nice pair of dome mids in their original boxes (definitely helpful in shipping them undamaged). Priced per pair. $150
Great pair of tweeters in like new condition. Original boxes. Never installed by me but guaranteed to play like new. Priced per pair. $200

Scanspeak D3004/6600-00 Air Circ Tweeters
Bought from the esteemed Kevin K. a few weeks ago. Haven't heard them yet, but will miss the opportunity if they sell. Excellent condition. You can tell they've been installed from a few marks around the terminals, but they look great and are in the original box. Priced per pair. $210

Linear Power 2.2HV
Specifications: 2.2HV

Just back from Ray at TIPS where he did extensive modifications on it for SQ and power. Haven't even hooked it up since it's been back. In excellent condition. $650

Tru Technology B2110
Bought new from a local dealer, brought to Tru where they upgraded it with fans and some new electronics for free. Listened to for a few months. Really one of the best sounding amps I have ever heard. Rated at 110W/channel @ 4 ohms, but with lots of headroom. Like new with original box. $550

Milbert BaM-235ab

What can I say? If I sell this I'll be letting go of the absolutely best amp I have ever heard. And when I get another one I'll have to buy new because how many times do you see one of these for sale used? This amp is serial number A04071. This is the unit that was shipped to Jeff Dorgay of Tone Audio for the series of now famous reviews on the Milbert. Be assured that this amp received the very best care in parts selection and assembly before it was sent out to a reviewer for critical listening (although I do believe this is true of all Milbert products).

The amp is like new and performs flawlessly. Have heard harmony vocals that I didn't even know were there before hearing this amp. They simply disappear into a haze when another amp is hooked up. Everything just sounds better. This is really one sweet sounding amp. Have the original box and packing materials.

If you are seriously interested in this amp, and have the funds available, contact me for pictures. Pictures of this amp will be sent to individual parties and not posted in this ad. $2000