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I'd like to believe that someone who has been listening to say, a Milbert tube amp, could easily pick his amp out of a line-up, but since reading this thread I'm not so sure.

If you had read and understood this thread then you would readily accept that a person could easily pick out his Milbert tube amp in an amplifier comparison ... but the reason WHY is because of the tube amplifier's gain, power, frequency response (probably), noise or distortion (equally probable)

I'll repeat it for the miliionth time : All amps do NOT sound the same. I can pull two amps from the same damn production line, and set their gains or crossovers different, and i promise they WILL sound different. It's astonishing to me that nobody understands this.

Seems to me, everyone wants to put themselves into one of two EXTREME categories : either all amps sound mysteriously different, for reasons beyond all logic and understanding .... or else, at the other extreme end of the spectrum, any two amps under any circumstances (wildly different gains, completely different crossover settings, etc) will sound exactly the same.

Are these really the only two categories? All amps are EXACTLY the same no matter what, OR it's impossible for any two amps to be sonically indistinguishable no matter what?

That's what this debate always degrades into