Ahhh, yes. The question that people ask about the most. How are your HLCDs? Well, they are dynamic, super loud, detailed, and really picky. Did I mention they are a pain in the asshole to install? Pardon my language, but they are not easy depending on what kind of vehicle you drive. I got lucky. First I had the Ultra bodies that are super huge and awesome down to 800hz with a 24db\oct slope. Thats all fine and dandy because my H701 will go down to 30db\oct so I am set there. But the big horn bodies simply did not fit under the dash with the way that the motor was mounted to the top or the bottom. My air conditioner blower motor was right where the motor for the horn needed to go. Weighing int at 8lbs each, they are bigger motors than my IDQ8's. There will be no playing to get them in there. I called Image Dynamics and ordered a pair of miniature horn lenses and the motor mounted horizontally instead of top\bottom and they went in fairly easy. But mind you, I warn you that you will need good equalization and crossovers to tame these things, otherwise you will be spending money to spend more money. Be prepared. I also had to relocate a distribution system on the driver side up further into the dash because that is where the motor needed to fit. I also bought some used mini horn lenses on the forum and they didnt fit because they were only for the CD1 motors and had an angled throat. Those went back up for sale real soon! *sigh*

As far as mounting is concerned, I first wrestled them into place using lots of zip ties, then once they were where I needed them to be I drilled some holes on each end and one dead center of the horn lens. I used some metal strap like the kind you use to hang pipes in your house from various bolts and made a structure under the dash for the horns to hang from.