After three iterations of amplifiers, I came across a deal on a memphis belle that I could not pass up. I purchased the memphis belle and decided my mids could use more than 75 watts, because my horns were so efficient (109db 1w\1m) that my mids could not keep up! I then acquired a memphis two channel that would push my mids (also recently acquired IDQ8's) at two ohm with 250 watts!! After my friend Jonesy and myself did the re-installation of all this stuff it was then christmas vacation. I drove up to new york to spend time with my family and my girlfriend. Turns out I had lots of free time in the morning while everyone was at work and i decided to use some techflex and goodies I have had in boxes for a long time! I finished this in maybe 10 hours, but i am very satisfied with the results. The amps are underneath a simple false floor that I intend to re-make this spring, but it works great and the amps get warm on long trips at loud volumes, but never have had any overheating\protection issues. I wish I had cleaned it better before the pictures, but i am sure that is OK with you all!

PS! I also still have my spare tire! All I have to do is remove my hatch baffle, tilt the false floor up\left, then remove the tire! Pretty cool if you ask me!