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I am a UNION electrician and proud of it. trained in not only AC but DC.. as well as complex motor controls, relays, etc,... I know what i'm doing. i don't need to defend what I know to 24 and 25 year old kids. I was trying to be civil and polite to you by simply responding. try doing the same.

ps.. I also have a degree in electrical engineering from The university of California, Berkeley but I chose to work in the field since sitting behind a desk doing CAD drawings bores the shit out of me. I am also an Electrical contractor. thanks again for your opinions... I will consider them when doing my install.
Ok, then you do understand electricity pretty well then. I am an EE as well and had an internship at an electric utility for a summer and while the line crews knew what they were doing installing stuff and how not to get injured they really had no clue about electricity other than that.