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i don't need to defend what I know to 24 and 25 year old kids. I was trying to be civil and polite to you by simply responding. try doing the same.
I hope this wasn't an answer to me, since I've tried to be civil and polite myself while giving my opinion about that 15F capacitorbank you're using...
But I'm 25 myself and if you don't mind, I'd rather be called a woman than a kid.

I'm into (car-)audio since I was 15-16, did sound quality competitions in 2005 with great results, studied (literaly translated "Industrial Science", which includes quite some both AC as DC electricity and electronics... So I also know what I'm talking about.

I have a happy relationship with my gf (probably next year: wife), own a mostly renovated house of our own, don't need to depend on mommy and daddy or anybody else if we need something... so I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't call all <25 year olds kids...