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Jim, I know its been said countless times BUT....THANK YOU for taking your time and being an active member here. Our greatest asset here on the forum is the amazing company representatives that are willing to show and share there time and knowledge. There are some great ones too! I am thoroughly interested in several new alpine products (the h800 + w910) and these 8s are certainly intriguing as I am an 8" fanatic!
I am really excited with the new line up and I have been severely dissapointed with some of the product lines over the last decade or so (exception being the F#1 setup I had why I ever sold it I will never understand..... well it had its compatibility issues I suppose?)
Any idea what the msrp is expected to be on these? I just stopped a local shop about the h800 and got a very good $ on that (I feel it was good anyway?) and supposedly due in April? Can we expect the same for the w910 and these 8s? Upon play time of the 910 I may end up with a largely badged alpine system???? who woulda thunk it
Again, thanks again for all your time, efforts, and knowledge, its greatly appreciated!
Thanks and youre welcome It's been a fun ride since CES this year, we've been hearing a lot of good feedback from old school Alpine fans.

These subs are actually shipping in about 10 days. MAP is $159