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Jim, thanks for being a member here. Your input as an industry professional is much appreciated.

And - you just sold one. I have been looking for a decent 8 for my wife's car. And the specs of this sub seem right up the alley. And the seller was the keyword "IB".
It'll be in the factory rear deck location of her new car, obviously reinforced to take the weight. Any estimated weight on these things, anyway?

If the sub is properly designed be be truly IB-capable, it will be awesome for many of us here in a similar situation.

I will be heading to the local dealer tomorrow and see if he can get me one when they're released.

I've also got this strong vision of 4 of these with 600 per in a low tuned (32hz, give or take) vented enclosure. Would not take up a lot of room.
May be a fun project, the cost is definitely low enough to try out....
I am thinking two ported in my center console (similar porting freq.) with similar power Could get interesting