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How did it go? I feel bad that I bitched out last minute.

It turns out that one of the outputs on my active XO is bad Thankfully it has the same filters for front and rear, so I have my front speaker channels going through the 'rear' I/O of the XO. Not as aethetically pleasing, but it sounds nice having all the drivers playing again.

That sucks about your crossover. I was looking forward to hearing your changes and helping you tune.
I think we had four guys. Derick, Ean611, Dany2k3 and myself.
I was late because I had to go shopping at the last minute.
Derick and Ian arrived first. Dany came towards the end.
We ( well, Ean611 mostly) rewired Dany's rca's and speaker wire so the balance and fader were correct. I also noticed Dany's power cable being run through bare metal with no grommets, trying to set something up to fix that.
Ean ran room eq wizard on dany's stereo and tuned it a bit and offered some advice on my setup. Derick ate my macaroni salad while I told a story about Image Dynamics. A cop showed up and thought I was a crackhead for having a blanket over my windshield to keep cool. He ended up being cool which was a surprise. He asked what I had for a h/u. Told him it was a drz. He said "wow they don't make those anymore." We all Wtf'd at that point. He said he used to work at Sun and Sound in Worcestor when he was "young and dumb". Thanks for not being a dick officer Blood. Over all not a bad meet, last time was a better turn out though. I think maybe the heat keep some people away?
I know some others think it's the middle of nowhere...don't know what to say...anywhere you go in central mass is pretty much considered the middle of nowhere, lol.