Well, my total list is kind of small right now, but here goes:

PPI 4200AM
PPI 2030M
Xtant 2100B

Not Using
Sanyo PC 2070 (really old, like mid-late eighties, but it still works)

Xtant 4180C (for now, I'll be getting it re-furbed as money allows.

Now, for a more impressive lists, here's what my good friend has:

Blaupunkt BMA5350 (old school 5 channel powerhouse from like 90-92)
PPI 2025AM

Not Using:
PPI 2025AM (yep, another one)
PPI 2030M
PPI 2050AM
PPI 2075AM
Soundstream Reference 405
Sanyo 2025
Sanyo 2030
Orion 2150sx, (not sure on that model number, it's a big 2 channel from like 93-94

Blaupunkt BMA5350 (yes, another one)
Soundstream Rerence 405s
The Hott Set Up 4 channel, (not sure on model number)

That doesn't even begin to compare to his list of perfectly good subs, mids, tweets, processors, etc.

And yes, I'm very jealous....