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Regarding the rear speakers, or "rear fill" as some people call it, I definitely like the added mid-bass the rear door mid-woofers provide.
With the rear speakers on the "LOW" channel on the DEX, I did experiment with cutting the high frequencies out by setting a 2K crossover point for a low pass filter, 18db slope.
To me, and this is probably a personal preference, with all the high frequencies coming from the front speakers it sounded almost too precise, to easy to tell the direction of everything, and made the stage much smaller. I tried this for a day or so. Then I set the read door slope to "PASS" and let the high freqs through once again. Everything opened up, the stage became much larger, wider and deeper, even deeper forward, the vocals became "angelic" again, especially the female vocals. Call it ambience, or whatever but I am one that prefers this setup. It sounds much better to my ears, and I mean much better. My system is slowly becomming an SQ hall and I'm lovin it!
It really is all about how the system is tuned. Take an OEM system for example. Recently I was doing some serious listening in a newer Dodge Journey. The current Chrysler OEM systems are SO much better and better balances vs. systems from just a generation ago. With the BALANCE and FADE in the center position the system does several things pretty well. Midbass is controlled, and full, the overall stage is wide with some depth and ambience, etc. Now as I tried to ajust the fade to the front and slightly to the left, things went to hell! i did not like the overall sound very much....and the midbass dropped waaay off and I could not get it back with just the fronts. So, if a system is tuned properly to run front and rear speakers the overall result can add something rather than take away from the sound.

Nevertheless, there are many systems with just front speakers that can do many things right also because they are tuned to do so. Tunning is key!