Well an update for April 21. Last week I installed a class A-B amp to run active on the front stage. It sounds smoother than the class D that was running the fronts previously. There is LOTS of controversy about this opinion and I will not go into it here!
I also built my custom sealed enclosure for the JL 12W3V3 per JL specs. The thing is as solid as a block of granite! It fits in the sub trunk of my car and frees up the main cargo area. The SQ is surprisingly better than ported. I do get some floor vibrations but will correct that today with some velcro to hold down the cargo area floor.

My stage is still not centered very well despite a full week of tuning. Yes I even resorted to sitting in the car with the mic tie-strapped to my forehead and experimented with various positions. The sound sweeps are loud but tolerable but I am still not happy with the TA settings and image. The center fights me to stay hard left. All kinds of reflections to adjust for.
I'm going to attempt some manual TA adjustment today with my handy test CD and see how that goes. It's very frustrating.
Also when I am present in the car during the auto tune, the tonality is a lot more mid range dominant.
I'm going to stick the dummy back in and then attempt to tweak the TA manually.
Hardware is finished- tuning is a bummer!