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Great review Ally. I loved the sound of this sub in your car, and I concur with your praise of this great driver. It is also cool that I know most of the tracks you mentioned in this thread
Thanks! I used your whole meet disc from last year to test it actually.

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Great in-depth review. I'm with ya on your description of AIC & "One". What low-pass point did you settle on.
Honestly, it has always varied. I've had it down to 50, 70, 80, 100 and 120 and they all sounded good. The one I used specifically for this test was 80hz. Don't know if that's the crossover I will keep it at in the future though. I'm thinking I need more time at each crossover point to see which it likes the best.

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Great review!

This is off topic, but how do you like the Quart amps?

The Q series are perfect for what I want/need. Only issue is occasional overheating, but I'm thinking of installing fans to combat that. I doubt I will change them in the distant future.