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What music of the cd did you use? I'm running a P99 from 2 weeks now and it's a nice HU(besides my old 9887)...But I'm looking for a better soundstage and trying to ajust the 31 band EQ...I guess I will center all 31 bands using "sine waves" tracks...what do you think about this way?
hello vitor! I have a colleague named vitor from brazil.

I tried using the tone bursts for each frequency of the DEX's 31 bands to adjust the L/R EQ- adjusting to center each frequency.
Unfortunately it did not work and the image was horrible. I tried it several times. The problem was that many of the key frequencies tended to reflect and bounce around. Some frequencies reflected so much that I could not get them to center no matter what I did.
It is worth a try but I believe you will have better success using your ears to adjust the TA.