Tomorrow I am upgrading the front tweeters to Scanspeak 1" silk domes ordered the other day from Madisound. Great delivery BTW (ding ding ding) ordered Wednesday afternoon arrived on Thursday.
I'm going with the Scanspeak because I am tired of the in your face qualities of the Focal tweeters- while excellent are not the style I like. Also I hope to be able to cross the Scanspeak tweeters much lower (2Khz or 2.5Khz) to help the imaging and get the focal midwoofers out of their breakup frequencies. Focal are very open with their frequency plots but because of this you can easily see where they break up. In my case the 165 V30 midwoofers break up just north of 3K or so yet the tweeters sound awful below 4Khz. After realizing this IMHO the Focals are somewhat overpriced.
I actually ran an older set of Vifa NE19VTA04 aluminum domes in hopes that I could cross them lower than 4K- unfortunately even with a low Fs they did not sound good crossed any lower than the Focals. Although the VIfas were not too bad, the Focal tweeters have them beat in other areas too BTW FWIW.
Looking forward to seeing how the Scanspeaks sound. I have read a lot of good reviews but also see a lot of them for sale too.