Ok, I do not normally post reviews on DIYMA but I am pretty excited about these components and figured I would share my experience with them. First, some of my previous commercial component sets I have used in my Infiniti qx4 include: Alpine SPX-17pro's , MB Quart PSD 216's, Rainbow Profi Vanadium CS365, Kef Kar series uni-q 6.5's. I have also ran a 3 way active set up using the peerless sls 6.5, Fountek FR88EX, and the seas 27TAFNC/G. I have been into car/home audio for many years and am also an avid drummer. Ok, so I am not coming from Sony Xplode gear or the legendary Roadmaster . Lets get on to my set up. My source is a Pioneer DEH-80prs. The amp I am running is an ARC XXK-4150. two channels running to the fronts and two channels bridged to my single phoenix gold rsd 10, a nice subwoofer for the dollar.

On with it. I have been content with my Kef's for a while but, The ferrofluid in one of my tweeters dried up, a common problem with older Kef tweeters. This left me looking for a new set to keep me happy during rush hour. I did not want to spend very much as I was just looking for something to get me by until I figure out something serious. Anyways, It was between these and some rainbow slc265.ng's. They share the same basket. I thought that was strange. I have had a few rainbow set ups and have only been impressed with the profi line so I kind of just said what the hell and ordered the jbls for $187.00 via Ebay.

So they get here a few days ago and to my surprise they seemed very well built. The woofers build quality seemed much higher than the other commercial sets I've ran, other than the SPX17-pro's which are about the same. The tweeters are titanium inverted domes, similar to focal, but not in sound. Good build quality all around. Of course, the crossovers are not as impressive as the type x's but they are solid.

I managed to get them installed the same night and have been listening to them for the last two days.

So far, I would have to say that these are the highest value purchase I have made in car audio. Being a drummer, cymbal accuracy is very important to me. I had always heard that MB Quart Titanium tweeters were the best at this aspect. Hah. In my install the MB's were good on certain songs but fell apart while trying to reproduce anything complex. Miles Davis, decent. Nirvana, Ouch! I do not know who made the tweeter in this set but without a doubt, these JBL tweeters have more air and leading edge detail than any other compact tweeter I have ever used. I do not know how they sound so good. No Focal/MB Quart harshness what so ever! They remind me of the
cal26 titans but without the grain and fatigue at louder listening levels.

The mids perform very well. They have the midrange accuracy of the SPX-17pro's and the mid bass of the rainbows. One thing that I enjoyed about the MB Quarts was that even though their excursion capabilities were far less than the others, they managed to have a snap and awesome upper midbass-lower midrange. Toms always sounded full with the MB Quarts. The Alpines were the weakest in that area. Rainbow's and JBL's are right in the middle. I think the JBL's can go a little bit lower but I don't plan on high passing below 63hz/12db.

Overall I am astonished so far. It is a nice relief to not have to spend $500-700 on a two way "commercial' set up to reach acceptable fidelity. If anyone else has used these I would love to hear what you think of them.

Well that's it for now. It's late.....jbl w.jpg

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