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Do you like them better than the 608's
Thats tough......I suppose the answer would be yes with the exception being low frequency extension and authority. I have not found another set that is equal or greater in those aspects...they are just freaks of nature in that realm!

In the end its all about tuning and install anyway. What is special about the MS set is that they are incredibly forgiving when it comes to install and tuning (not a whole lot is required for superb sound) In that aspect they remind me of the Boston SPZ's.... (a great deal of engineering and $ was spent on that aspect with the bostons)

I dont see any set out there being comparable in the same or moderately higher price range. Again, if I were doing something other then my 81' Renegade I would have bought the MS in a heart beat!
Add to that, the PPI Phantom amps and you have the best deals in car audio at the moment (IMO) and you can run a very potent system for the cheapest that has been offered ever in this field? Pretty cool times in that fashion if you ask me!

Sorry for the rant OP,
I am VERY glad to hear that someone else has given them a go and more importantly shared the results!!!