I almost ordered those speakers but then I found out I would have to do some modding to make them fit and I was already doing a ton of work. I went with the JBL MS-52c. They have the same tweeter, same build quality, only the the 52cs can only go down to about 70Hz instead of 60Hz. Im sure that the 62cs can reproduce bass better then my 52cs but thats what I have my subs for . The set is pretty impressive so far for me as well. I've been using them about as long as you and haven't really pushed them hard yet. They get pretty loud and I havent heard any distortion yet.

I also have been enjoying the 80PRS since its release. The auto TA&EQ sound pretty damn good on my setup. I have a couple friends that have "installed" systems with their own friends or what not (wiring up a prebuilt box and subs from who knows where) and they said they havent heard anything this clear or loud. Mind you they most definitely not pros by any means, but now they know what to aim for lol.

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