Update 8/18/12:

The DEX continues to out perform the more the rest of the system is upgraded. An upgrade to a 3-way front stage with HAT wideband drivers and proper tuning have brought the SQ to a new level. Clean, detailed, accurate and a sound stage that is 3-dimensionsal and high.

I do have one "downer" to report though. The volume control seems to have slowed down- in other words, when I rapidly spin the volume knob the volume sometimes does not change, changes very slowly or even reverses a little.
If I spin it slowly, all is good but it is still a little issue. I do wish the volume control responded better- it seems to take too long to turn the volume up or down substantially- especially if you're in a hurry, like a toll booth, conversation, etc. Because we all know that we cannot listen at anything other than a very high level!