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I noticed that same thing with the volume on mine. It is annoying but I kept my remote attached to my steering wheel and just use the mute button instead. But when I install it in my new Accord, Ill use the steering wheel controls and wont have my remote strapped to the wheel so Ill have to use the UI for more things. The buttons on this thing are awful and almost unusable. Pioneer built a superb head unit and one of the best in history but the UI is just horrible.

But those gripes aside, the P99 truly is a remarkable piece of equipment. Enough processing power for 99.9% of applications, beautiful build and design, pure sonic goodness and totally noise free but a horrible UI. I'd still recommend one and buy it again if I had to do it all over.

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thanks for the info. good to know the unit is not failing. if you want a really bad UI check out some of the other pioneer HUs. I had one where the multifunction control looked like a mini satellite dish- it hardly ever executed the command you were expecting.
i also read where touch screen head units are considered too distracting. sound quality not withstanding i personally would not want a full touch screen UI for a car headunit.