I had 2 alpine type E 10's listed on CL. I got a text from this kid wanting them for is girlfriends car. He offered me 50$ for them. I told him i could get that for each sub on ebay. His response "well I'm running 1 explod 12 and she likes that. So i figure 2 tens would work. Also I'm looking to do this on the cheap. Lets face it 1 sony exlpod is way better cause type E's are weak!" i about peed my pants laughing so hard. There are sooo many bassheads in Dayton it's insane. All is see on Cl are kicker and Rockford 12's in giant ported boxes. Also see alot of JL stuff on the cheap for some reason too. My favorite is the boss 15's w ported box and boss 4000w amps. Ppl should have to take a competency test to reproduce!