We've all seen the various discussions on clicking and popping with MS-8 even when 2hooked up correctly.

By changing my configuration, I have gone full circle from:
1st) very loud pops - Speaker level outs + Sub on own channel
2nd) then fairly soft pops - Speaker level outs + Kaigoss Mod
3rd) now back to moderately loud pops. - Recoded HU to HiFi mode - Balanced Diff outs - Sub on own channel (Also now have all channels on JL HD series power)

While I am planning on going back to the kaigoss mod (for SQ/Midbass reasons) which may or may not help...I have another theory/question...

The Technic Harness for BMW, uses a relay in line with the OEM HU remote signal. I think this relay is unnecessary for MS-8 systems but was included to ensure the voltage was strong enough for a range of aftermarket amps.

1) Should the OEM HU remote signal be sufficient to trigger MS-8?
2) is it possible, or likely that this relay could be causing popping issues and/or issues with analog noise floor?
(in addition to the digital processor noise I was asking about in a different thread this AM). I can say that the JL HDs are absolutely silent when MS-8 is muted.