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I must confess I've convinced myself that the more I pay for one, the better my system sounds.
Lol, I've convinced myself as well! On a serious note, i have always been able to tell the difference in sound between the amplifiers everytime i have done a change, and i do agree that the more expensive the amplifier the better the refinement and the quaracter of the sound...some people are colour blind maybe some people are tone deaf

Some of the amplifier brands that I've had the pleasure of owning (not in specific order)
Pioneer GMH
Orion GT, SX
Orion HCCA
Rockford Fosgate DH, DSM, Power
ADS power plate
Pheonix Gold ZX
The purple monsters (forgot the brand, made in florida...the used to also name some of their other amps "Merlin, Terminator...)
Soundstream Old school Reference series
JL audio Slash v1 v2's
Audison Lrx
Arc Audio SE

I may have forgotten a few, but i feel fortunate to have been able to experience so many different manufacturers, in my opinion every change has been in the right direction.