^ unfortunately I don't think that I can agree with this last comment, I would take the McIntosh amp any day over the kicker or Rockford amp, it's not all about claimed power ratings (but I do agree that having lots of clean power on tap will help greatly on dynamics/headroom and hopefully signal to noise ratio) Kicker/RF may rate their power at greater distortion levels plus at constant 14v....give them less voltage and stop recording your their output at .009/.04 distortion level and you'd probably get 40w or so. Back in the old days people would build whole systems around an amp that would be rated at 22.5w x 2 (the old RF punch45) or even the 25w x 2 Orion HCCA, loud enough to make most people uncomfortable...most manufacturers used to focus more on quality of the sound versus the output levels, they use to rate their power at .004 distortion plus at 12.6volts or so...in fact they were cheater amps and performance much better than their rated power once you lowered the impedance and increased the voltage closer to 14 volts.

Make sure you have a good clean signal to start, also make sure the system isn't starved of available current voltage....the rest is subjective to the owner on which brand they prefer.