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I actually have the whole system planned out in fair detail, but since I'm just getting my feet wet, I wanted to kind of "ease into" the discussion. Most of the components I have planned are provisional and will likely be swapped in/out as I do my homework. There's a number of components I already have, including amps and the PC motherboard. Before getting into too much discussion on the PC specs, speakers etc. I want to be sure my initial plan for incoprorating the nanoDigi and digital signal wiring is sound, since this is the backbone of the whole setup.

I'm planning the system for my new 2013 VW GTI. I'm hoping to keep the installation as stealth as possible, using just the factory front door speaker locations and a hidden subwoofer below the rear trunk liner (next to the spare tire). The PC, amps, and misc hardware will need to fit below the front seats, or in whatever limited space is available next to the spare.
i'm guessing you are planning on using the S/PDIF Out to the digi to the DAC to the amps. It should be ok. i would just caution you to test everything while on alternator power. i've had friends run into issues they didn't encounter on the test bench that only happened in the car while it was running...