That article already confirms what I knew people's preference is entirely psychological.

Since I learned early on what dynamic range, frequency response, and what real instruments sound like I knew what to tune for.

And real instruments sound nothing like what vinyl sounds like or what compressed MP3 sounds like. Try listening to classical on vinyl and all the hiss clicks and pops are just too much a distraction during the quieter lulls. That's why I hold disdain equally for vinyl and tube amp adherents when they claim that those technologies were real "sound quality"

I much prefer CD quality or high bit rate MP3 which is for all intents and purposes indistinguishable. I could also say FLAC but it's of such limited use, mainly for archiving, because for mp3 players it just takes up too much space.

My own version of sound quality is the ability to reproduce the sound exactly as it's heard when listening live. So even then it's hard to say because this rules out any amplified music such as electric guitars or microphones because then they'll have coloration from the speakers or amps they're using.