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On music storage:
For better or worse, most of my digital music is on iTunes. I currently have 4 PCs as well as 3 ipads sharing the account. For transferring music to the car, I just plan on having itunes installed and let it grab whatever latest tunes were purchased over wifi while parked in the driveway. My plan is to keep a copy of the entire library on the HDD in the car. I would hate trying to decide beforehand what I might want to listen to, then running back/forth with a thumbdrive. I also I have a lot of old LP's recorded as uncompressed .wav files, so I'll need lots of storage for those.
FWIW, I can fit my entire music collection on 64GB, minus live bootlegs (I have a lot of those). I don't really remove anything. Just add to it when I get something new. 64GB are only around $40.

If you recode your wav's to flac's, you'll gain a lot of space. FLAC is of course a lossless format.

On the DSP:
I'm planning a bi-amped (or maybe even tri-amped) system + subwoofer. I haven't yet looked at a "PC only" solution but I'd need 4-stereo channels, each with it's own x-over and eq. I have experience with the 2x4 miniDSP and am really happy with the performance/cost. The 2x8 nanoDigi looks similarly easy to deal with.

I still have lots of planning and research to go before I buy everything, so I'm definately open to suggestions.
Plug 'n play? MiniDSP is a good solution. It's going to be a lot easier to initially set up than onboard processing, because a lot of the work is already done for you. But if you don't need audio processing, you don't need much CPU on your machine either. You could probably even get away with an Atom (or something) without any performance hit.