What i really like about the nanoDSP is that it keeps the parameters loaded after power off - It doesn't need to interface with the computer unless changing settings.

Front End:
My biggest selling point for Centrafuse was the cool VAG-Com guage plug-in (dumb, I know). Some of the other front ends didn't seem like they've had alot of recent activity and development (many vender forum discussions were years old.) If anything, it will get me started on this nutty adventure, although I'm already regretting paying for the nav.

I looked a little at Win-8 demos and such, but didn't really see a seamless car-audio interface - but then again I've never actually used it. My biggest criteria is to be able to navigate typical audio functions, in traffic, without rear-ending someone.

I guess I'll need actually use the system day-to-day to find out what really works for me. The nice part about PCs and software is that it can always be changed/upgraded.