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After a week of fighting with Centrafuse, I'm really considering Win 8.

Centrafuse really has a lot of potential at first blush, but there's just too many holes in getting it to work exactly the way I want. The biggest hole (for me) is lack of support for iTunes M4p format and bringing in album artwork. The only flawless solution seems to be: just use iTunes directly. At that point, there's not a whole lot CF is doing for me. I might just need to write-off my CF purchase and move on.
I'd suggest going in to bestbuy or a Microsoft store and play with windows 8, see if you like the interface and play with features you know you'll be using a lot.

I've been messing with my Win8 setup on a resistive touchscreen and its still more fluid than any aftermarket front end.

I like it, but it may not work for everyone.

If you really want things like scan software, or software that isn't touch friendly yet, run an extra video cord and a USB touchpad to use a bigger screen from a laptop. I'm planning on having a 10" or larger screen mounted in the trunk.