Well - I got Windows 8. After 15-seconds, it was apparent that the Modern UI (Metro) interface was completely useless for a front end.

However, the upgrade was 100% worth it. After a lot of tweaking to hide Metro (as much as Microsoft will let me) - Including a 3rd parth "Start" button, the underlying O/S is awesome! MS really did a great job of putting Windows on a diet. Boot times are massively improved, and sleep/wake is flawless. Paired with the SSD, the computer is FAST.

So, back to Centrafuse. After a fresh O/S and CF installation, it's working much smoother than my previous attempt. I think I found a usable solution to integrate iTunes. I have CF resolution at 800x480 and the screen resolution at 800x600. This allows for pretty easy switching between the two via the taskbar. iTunes controls are reasonably large, but I wish there was a way to make the sliders bigger. I'll need to get my touch screen to know for sure how this will work.