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I think that was the time when I attempted to listen critically to my stereo. As I did I could see flaws that were either ignored or didn't notice until now. I cursed myself at the realization. lol Ignorance really is bliss. My time as a bass head was over. It is taking a fair amount of my will not to rip my wall out immediately and go to an IB setup. I swore to keep it in until the demo/show season is over this fall but every tweak I make weakens my resolve.
The most interesting thing is that I have found some serious flaws with my stereo and that awareness leads to a near state of panic. I have this weird sense of abominable will that is driving me to make my stereo better now. I've never felt such drive with a hobby before...like ever.
You've got....."the fever". Welcome to hell. LoL.