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LOL I personally HATE live recordings for the most part. There are a couple exceptions but that's it. Guess all the clapping and other crap annoys me too much.
I agree totally. Live recordings are barely tolerable for background music. If I am listening for the enjoyment of the music it won't be a live recording. FWIW ...most studio recordings are not good enough for critical listening. This is why most of my CDs are either TELARC or Mobile Fidelity. It is getting harder and harder to find quality recordings these days.

With a good recording you should be able to tell if the piano is a Steinway / Baldwin / Yamaha or if the organ is a Hammond B3 or a synthesizer. If the drummer is using a Remo or a Ludwig bottom snare head ...or Paiste / Zildjian cymbals or even wood/nylon tipped sticks. Or if the vocals are through a Shure or a Sennheiser microphone. Or if the bass player is using flat or round wound strings.