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You felt the terror of the VBA!!!! LOL!!!! Sorry to hear that your enclosure didn't hold up Brian. No bueno!

The low level listening results were interesting to read though. I've always wondered how these subs would do in a critical listening environment. I'll also be curious to hear exactly what happened with the sub enclosure. Do keep us informed please.


I removed the drivers and hauled out the box this morning. There are some what seems to be stress cracks at the bottom and I think one of the braces to the rear may have come loose from the baffle (difficult to tell because of where it is). I suspect what I was hearing was the bottom of the box slapping against the sheet metal in the spare tire well because the brace came loose and that section was vibrating more than normal. I'm going to secure the brace with a screw or two for the moment and hope that makes it usable for now. I suspect though that for the best results I will have to build a more sturdy enclosure.

The 12D2s should be fine for lower level listening IMO. The response curves I posted earlier suggest smooth response and very low distortion. Just get the transition between sub and midbass right and they should disappear and not call attention to themselves - unless you crank them up, of course . I've used EQ to add a dB or two at 30 Hz and below to flatten the measured in-car response. I suspect that a vented alignment with these drivers might be a better match for my car and might just build my next box with that in mind.