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No doubt.
Like everything else in this "great" economy, you have to adjust or die.
Agreed. John offers a great, very well made (in the US) product at a very competitive (and reasonable) price. You can't ask for much more than that.
If these were made by a "big" name like a JL Audio, they'd be double the price. And that's not saying that JL would be making double on the same product...they just have much more overhead and cost. By keeping a smaller, stream-lined operation, it appears John is able to offer a superior product at a lower pricepoint to us. The only downside to this model (for us)is low supply since it's a small shop and (for John) likely higher material costs to due less economy of scale benefit. Personally, I like the lower output and attention to detail. That's worth a 4-6 week waiting period in my book.

Thanks Ally for the great review. I'd like to try one of these in my install.