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also soon will be out for sale is Arc Audio XDi 1100.5 which is their 5ch amp which has 150w x4 @ 4 or 2 ohms and 500w @ 2 ohms on ch 5. Has the same power as JL Audio 900/5 on the 5ch, but 50wpc more on the other 4 channels. $679.00
The only issue with the 1100.5 is that it's channel 5 (sub channel) is only 275watts @ 4ohms. significantly less than JL's @ 4ohms. Doesn't really affect me since instead I will be purchasing the 1200.6 which has the power I want on the sub channel at 4ohms but just in case anyone else is looking at the 1100.5 it's something to be aware of.