Up for sale is my unused, unscrewed MCC404 McIntosh Car Amplifier.

I purchased this amp to install into my C63 AMG as I figured this would be the last time I would see one of these in new (other) condition. My previous experience with McIntosh car amplifiers has been amazing. The sound out of the McIntosh car amplifiers is on a different level than most others. Sadly, it has has been sitting in my closet because of the optical nature of the stereo system in my Mercedes makes the install a bit more intensive than I previously expected and I would lose the surround sound features.

I opened the box only to confirm the purchase and to admire its beauty for a brief moment. There are probably only a few of these around in this condition. I understand that the "Buy it Now" is high at $2000, but make me an offer on Ebay and we can go from there.

Just search EBAY for MCC404 if you are interested. I cannot post pictures or links here, but you probably wont be buying this amp unless you already know what it looks like anyways.