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Thank you for the link, Amazon wants twice as much.
I only wish that they have smaller connectors for speakers. 3.5mm 60 A is certainly overkill for speaker connection.
Sure, I'm glad it helped.

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I like these ec3 connectors. I already purchased more than enough xt60, and yes they will be more of a challenge to solder because of the small soldering area. I have to watch a few more videos on soldering. I try to make my own rca's and melted a few connectors. Wish I had known about these before I got the xt60.

The XT60's are good and they would be my second choice. You only need a good soldering iron with 40-60W, thin the wire and the connector then solder the wire being careful not to damage the plastic.

I see no I issue just leaving the wires exposed, instead of tube HSh for each wire, I would just use 1/2" HS or whatever fits the connector for a single cover, if used for speakers, no way they will come off or give any issues once wrapped with ha and with a wide gap between each wire, since we are not dealing with power.

Or simply use good electrical tape on just one conductor and wrap the whole thing or the side where the soldered ends are with HS.
I'm sure in areas where not excessive heat or moisture is an issue, only good electrical tape is good enough and simpler the HS and heat gun process

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oh, ok. For speaker wire I use Deutsche DT connectors, but that's because I already have the barrel crimper. It's so much faster than soldering. However, the DT stuff is like $3/speaker, not $0.58/speaker

I'm sure there are some good options, being water proof and reliable, I got these since they were a good deal, if I did not need the flexibility I would just solder wire to wire and wire to speaker terminal, but since I may do upgrades often, these EC3's or deans , XT60's work quick and reliable in pairs once soldered.