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You could Torch solder the end of the wire, assuming you have room in the dist block.
Also get a dist block that offers larger size wire do avoid some strands from not going in.
Get a ground block that takes ring terminals and not bare wire

Or check this thread for some tips that may help minimize the issue.

Thanks for that link. Some interesting ideas in there.

I tried tinning/soldering the end of the wire once. I must have done it wrong, because the wire swelled, and no longer fit into the fuse block. I think thats one of the problems of these "over sized" power wires being sold today. If you sell an over-sized 0/1 awg, what the heck are we supposed to be able to fit that into? My amps don't accept them without making a mess, thats for sure? (sorry for the mini-rant, back to discussion...)