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Thanks for that link. Some interesting ideas in there.

I tried tinning/soldering the end of the wire once. I must have done it wrong, because the wire swelled, and no longer fit into the fuse block. I think thats one of the problems of these "over sized" power wires being sold today. If you sell an over-sized 0/1 awg, what the heck are we supposed to be able to fit that into? My amps don't accept them without making a mess, thats for sure? (sorry for the mini-rant, back to discussion...)

Use Flux, they sell it at Lowe's or HD, dip the wire in there then heat it and solder, maybe pointing the wire up will let the solder flow in more.

Sometimes if you have a big blotch of solder, just dip it in the flux then torch it and it will smooth out the solder on the wire.

A reducer like these, will work as a quick disconnect also, the only compromise is the initial insertion of the wire in the reducer, once there, no more issues, keep in mind Heat Shrink should be used to avoid touching ground or Positive with either wire. They also have like dual wire single ring terminals like the ones in the photos below if that type of connector is needed.

0 gauge reducer | eBay