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AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH stop tinning wires that are going into set-screw connections! DO NOT SOLDER THEN CRIMP. DO NOT SOLDER THEN SET-SCREW. You are creating a connection that quickly plastic-ly deforms and then almost immediately works itself loose. This is not a good practice.
Thanks for sharing that, personally I have only done it with speaker wires at the amp terminals, 16g wire breaks and some wire strands are very thin.

Lately I got some dynex banana plugs I used to avoid damage to the wire and the boots cover the whole connector to prevent shorts.

Power wires, I have never had issues, my GND dist block pictured on the 4 G inputs with my wire seemed tight, but the main ground takes 0 and that is the one I disconnect. Maybe it has to do with how much pressure is tighten, I have disconnected my power wires with different amps many times and if I lost 2 strands would be too much.

Reducers or the info on the other link should help, solder is a pain, it is not cheap, it takes time and maybe only recommended on copper lugs that will be exposed to the elements, like the big 3 to prevent corrosion.