I thought I'd provide an 18-month update on these drivers.

So far they continue to perform as well as they did when I originally installed them back in April 2013. Just lots of nice clean bass, and when I crank it up, the car and the enclosure are giving up before the subwoofers do.

If there is any cone-sag (I have them mounted facing up), it's not noticeable. My previous drivers (Infinity 122.7Ws) weren't too bad in this regard either. However my JBL 1200Gtis sagged noticeably, to the point I had to flip them over so they could start to sag in the other direction.

Any changes have been basically cosmetic in nature. The two-piece rubber trim ring's faded and a bit discoloured (and it is not exposed to direct light), but that's nothing a bit of protectant like Armor-All can bring back to life (see attached image). The trim ring, in particular the upper part, is probably the only thing I'm not too fond of about this sub - it tends to pop out a bit too easily. It would be nice if it was made out of a hard plastic or metal instead. The drivers themselves continue to function well, and yes, they have been subject to occasional "abuse"