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Can you elaborate on this part? Are you talking about when you solder the lead(s) to the center pin ? Are you simply worried about that piece (or the shield portion) coming in contact with each other?
Besides the good point fourthmeal brought up, when the wires are soldered, the soldered connections are exposed even if pos and neg are separated and they will not touch each other, they are exposed, having to add tape or H Shrink, to prevent pos and metal in a car to cause a short or noise if used with speakers.

The EC3's once soldered they have to be inserted in to the plastic housing and when soldered correctly, no bare wire or connection is exposed not needing heat S, although in some areas where moisture and water exposure is a possibility I would tape the whole connector like oem's do.

Also the cup on the EC3's holds hot solder like a tinny pot, making it easier to to dip the stripped wire, we just need to be careful not to use too much solder and overfilling the cup otherwise once cold the external solder will have to be removed with a blade because the plastic housing may not fit or slide until it clicks as shown on the videos posted.