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Excellent in depth review. This product looks pretty amazing. Would be great if it had built in xover and TA as well. Just to clarify, you need to by the other software as well as the actual APL1 unit to actually tune right?
Well, the software that does the actual measuring can be used without the hardware unit. There's a VST-plugin for use with foobar2000 (for example) that carPC guys can use. You could of course use the software+VST in any home audio application if you use a mediacenter/computer as source.

With the amount of money people spend on audio equipment that makes little or no difference I find this APL-system quite cheap for the improvement given. Tried it both with my home audio system as well as my cheap computer speakers and it does improve both staging and tonality. It makes cheap stuff sound much better than you thought was possible. Not trying to act salesman here but I think the money spent on highend source units/DACs/amps could instead be spent on proper processing, especially if we're talking car audio.

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