Agree with Hanatsu - it is hard not to be a good "seller" promoting this amazing device. I do remember some comments to my posts about one year ago, when I tried to describe my first reaction on this unit. I can not say anything but positive about this unit (APL1).
It was my best investment during my almost 25 years in caraudio ...
By the way APLAUDIO has different models, for example with balanced inputs (XLR) or even a modification for 6 channels called APL3 - very practical when you are building multimedia in a car (supports easily 5.1).

Delay Front right.jpg

Regarding time alignment - you can use a demo version of TDA software (free). My sub is in trunk. Even it is in a close box - delay is about 25 ms.
In order to adjust front compared to sub in a time domain I have used the third program, which was not mentioned by Hanatsu yet: Coneq C1. Even the max delay value is only 5 ms, it is possible to "delay" it several times using FIR-file. After 4 sessions I was already about the goal. The newest version of TDA (version 9) can also generate a text file comprising of three columns: frequency, delay and power responce. Non-linear distortions versus frequencies can be seen on a graf as well as delay graf in 2D, 3D, impulse responce, etc.

Another practical feature is that you can asign one path for all these programs and use it for quick corrections. Listen - correct - apply (send to unit) - listen again, etc.

APL1 can be also used for analysis of the components in every setup. Just was wondering how SUB gain works on my HU (Alpine CDA-137BTi) - as an example. It is a powefull and at the same time easy to use device for research/investigation purposes.

alpine sub 0-15.jpg