IT IS ALIVE!!! I know a few people here have been following my re-build, and I just want to say that it is in and playing. And now, on to the really cool part!

STEREO INTEGRITY TM65 Midbass/midrange. I was fortunate enough to get THE (one and only) prototype set of these drivers for some evaluation. Now that I got the car playing this past weekend, I got these drivers in, and did some very slight tuning tonight. I must say, these things ROCK. I haven't beat on them TOO hard (They are Nick's only prototype set), and I've only done light tuning on them, but the amount of detail and control that these drivers have at lower frequencies is astounding. They are rated at 9mm Xmax, and still have (IIRC) 85% motor strength at over 5.5mm. This is usually only found in very high end drivers, and one main factor of higher end drivers, is still having almost all of the motor force at higher excursions.

I am still evaluating these, as I am just getting them tuned in, but I must say that I am thoroughly impressed. One thing that was my main concern of these drivers, is I was not sure that I would want these in a 2-way setup. Looking at the initial graphs, they looked like they wouldn't have much output above 1k or so. Having a 3 way front and a full processor, I knew that I would be using them solely as a midbass, and this wasn't a deciding factor for me. I have not got to do any RTA measurements with them in car yet, however I muted my midrange, and lowered my tweeter crossover from 7k down to 2k and brought up the TM65's crossover likewise. Much to my surprise, they had absolutely no problem playing up that high. I decided to do some quick listening tests, and playing around with different crossover points, I learned that they would (with no EQ boosting) play up with the tweeter crossing over at 3k with no problem. With the tweeter at 3.5k, it was pushing it, and with the tweeters crossed over at 4k, there was some slight information starting to get lost. I was also using LR crossovers, where the driver is at -6db at the crossover point, instead of the -3db on BW filters, so this could have played a factor as well, but seeing how they would play up to 3k easily, I decided not to test it with BW filters, as most any reputable tweeter can play down to 3 or 3.5k.

I was very hesitant to recommend these in a 2 way front stage setup, however, after listening and testing, I would have no problem whatsoever using these in a 2 way front stage. I will get out the RTA and see exactly what is going on in vehicle soon, however the preliminary listening tests are going very well. So far the only downside I have found, (and is a slight one) is that with large female spade connectors and insulators, they stick out a good bit and make the driver difficult to fit width-wise, as they are slightly larger than the baffle cutout. This won't be an issue for me, as I will solder on my speaker wires, and wont have oversized spade connectors on there. I would even be willing to bet, with the proper size connectors, it probably still won't be an issue, as the only ones I had on hand were the large yellow ones. I can't wait to get my finished production set in and really hammer on these things. But so far, I may have a new favorite 6.5" driver. Ability to play up to 3k cleanly in car, 9mm Xmax in a XBL^2 motor, AND only 2.3" deep. I will post up when I learn more after more testing and more listening.

The set of drivers in the photo is from left to right: SB17NRX - TM65 - Silver Flute 6.5.