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Wow!!! The response down to Fs is ridiculous! The upper end for the axis in your doors is very workable. Makes me ponder why did I even order the NSW2 to pair with it. Making me anxious to receive it. Thanks for the measurement & time!
No problem! And yeah, the upper and lower end response makes this a great driver for almost any build needing 6.5" drivers.

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Damn that low end response is STRONG!
Yeah, that low end is amazing, can't believe I had to raise the crossover and still lower the eq in the bass region. Dang impressive.

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I see a serious 3-way contender for the Tacoma if I can squeeze some small mids in stock tweeter spots now I'm over any fears of doing sail panels. Heck I might have to move in a DSP for the extra channels and do a set in both doors. Lots of CLD, CCF, MLV appropriate I think. That's gonna be a fun project. My wife's gonna kill me.

Hmm. Maybe also rear-deck duty and be blasphemous in my Si Sedan even. I shoulda jumped on the pre-sale. I needed a bench power supply though. Darn it.

Nice Subaru Kyle!
Make those sails happen! And yeah, I would definitely button up the doors.