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Ok, first to answer peoples response's.

BayBoy, I have some actual in vehicle response measurements, at the drivers headrest, as off axis as they will likely be, unless you have them playing towards the firewall or something crazy.

Babs - Compared to the SB, I believe the SB has slightly less distortion in the midrange. However, with that being said, the SI definitely has not only more low end output, but more control in the lower frequencies. It should be noted also that these are prototype drivers, one I know being built completely by hand, and not broken in, so that can play a large factor into the midrange clarity for sure, and I will re-test when I have my production drivers in hand, that I have already ordered.

On to the first part of the Objective part of the review, as I promised. Not much to talk about here, as it's hard data in the form of RTA readings. However, HOLY COW. I talked to Nick and he told me to open these things up, and man, what a surprise! As you can see from the graph below, these things have NO problem getting down in car. I actually had to bring the crossover of the TM65's UP, as they had TOO MUCH low end authority (Definitely not a problem, as this was a nice surprise). I had my sub at 50@36, and the TM65's at 60@12. I brought them up to 70@12, and I was still EQ'ing the 40, 50, and 63 eq bands DOWN. I don't know what Nick recommends, but I feel these things have the output to be ran without a sub. Obviously I didn't go playing Royals at full volume with the allpass filter on, as these aren't mine, but man, what a nice surprise!

As far as the midrange dips and peaks go:

PLEASE NOTE!!! The following reading were taken in MY car, with MY install, with MY stock mounting locations (Will provide a pic later if I don't have one on file). The 800hz midrange dip can easily be a product of my car, and the graphs is more to show the upper and lower end limits, again, in my vehicle. YOUR RESULTS WILL VARY vehicle and install depending.

This is where my factory mounting locations are, at the very front bottom of my doors. Again, this is probably about as far off axis as you would find in most cars. Still, you can see from the graph above, that they easily play up past 2k, and a tweeter crossover of 3k would play nicely like this, as shown in my subjective listening tests.

Now, off to bed. Some more tuning and listening done. Let me know what you guys think.
Awesome Kyle. Thanks for posting your FR and your further listening results. After reading your review I called Mark Worrell and we are going to install my pair of TM65's in the door IB, not ported like I had planned. And yes, I'm going to have the subwoofers on a switch so I can turn them on and off. The FR down to 45 Hz is really impressive and very exciting.

JoeHemi, pre-order will last until the parts show up (late this month). As soon as the parts arrive pre-order will be over.