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45? Maybe they should be renamed TM:45hz
Speaking of the bottom end, I have gotten in my production set of drivers, i have noticed that they bottom end is very happy. What I mean by this is it takes less power to get the bottom end to the same spl level, meaning you can use a slightly higher order crossover, and get the same output on the bottom end (under 50hz).

I must say, these have been some of the (if not THE) most detailed midbass drivers I have ever used, specially at higher volumes, and they DO like the higher volumes . I have them hooked up at 8 ohm now, and they still don't have any problem keeping up with the rest of my system, although I would like to test them at 2 ohm, and see if my amp won't argue too much (being bridged). So far I am extremely happy with these, and can't imagine another 6.5 being any better, specially all things considered (mounting depth, xmax, motor strength, indestructible coil , etc etc).