OK despite my early disaapointment I have to set that aside.
Here we go....
First your going to run into a LOT of plastic pop rivets everywhere. If your thoughtful and organized such as keeping a round Tupperware bowl next to you to throw all your screws & rivets in as you go this will be fairly easy. All bolts & rivets be it left side or right are identical.
With ONE exception. The MIDDLE seat belt anchor bolt that attaches to the floorpan. This bolt can ONLY fit in that hole. This bolt is unique in that it is one solid groove all the way down. Looks like a plain old bolt. The other bolts that hold the back seat down five total for each side have a fancy offset pattern on the bottom of the bolt. Easy to identity both.
You will need
10" or greater ratchet extension
10mm socket
9/16 socket(didn't have the mm for this one but it worked)
This is really nice to have especially for removing the pop rivets evenly. Get it and you'll be glad.
Start with removing the seats. Will be easier later for you. Don't start at the access covers so leave them for now.

First take the tail covering off the back of the seats. Looks like a tuxedo tail. These are all plastic pop rivets.
Then take a 10mm socket to remove both the left & right side mini seat anchor thats on the back of the metal brace.
Start on the driver side with the single seat. Then move the back seat as far forward as you can with the adjustment bar that's underneath the seat. Take a 10" or 12" socket extension with a 9/16" socket and remove the three bolts that are back there. It'll take some force. Then move the seats all the way back and remove the front bolts. This single seat is easily removed by one person. There are guide bullets that make it a bit of a hassle to remove this seat. Don't get frustrated. It's easy enough.

Repeat with passenger side.
This is where the anchor seat bolt in the middle is different. Make note of it.
Once all the bolts are undone it would be a LOT easier to just lift the seat onto the cargo area and remove it from the back. This way you'll not risk scratching the door/paint and you'll have good leverage being it's waist high to remove it. Not worth pulling tour back.

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