Next remove the access panels that cover the trays underneath. Flip them into the open position. Then you'll find two bolts in the front and one behind that need to be unscrewed to remove the access covers. A hint. If you have fat finger getting to these front ones will be a PIA. Better to have that 10" socket extension be magnetized. Otherwise you'll have to pull the plastic back hard with one finger while holding the bolt simultaneously and guiding it back to its position when reassembling it.
This ironically takes the longest time of the entire removal process. The bolt seem to take FOREVER to remove. But once done it's feels good. You can now sound deaden! Yaay!

Took me roughly 2-3 hrs to do this as it was a first time going at it. Now that I know this might take an hour & half.

Another helpful item to have is a 4'x5'ply board. After removing everything lay this in the back of the cargo and use it as a table to make cuts on. It will serve as your "bench" inside the cargo/back seat area. This will save you a LOT of time getting in & out of the vehicle to make cuts. Also find a towel to sit on as the tar or whatever they used back there will get on your pants. I ruined a good pair not knowing this. Grrr.